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Cost: 180 gc per dose

Description: Sambertine is a powerfully addictive drug crafted by the alchemists of Western Immoren. The drug is known to give its users unnatural strength, along with mild hallucinations and altered (often aggressive) behavior. Sambertine is outlawed in all of the Iron Kingdoms except for Ord. In Ord, Sambertine is often provided to participants of blood sports for the entertainment of the very wealthy and elite members of society. Penalties for creating/dealing Sambertine vary depending on the kingdom the transgressor is caught in and ranges from death by fire (The Protectorate of Menoth) and incarceration (Khador) to exorbitant fines (Cygnar).

Special Rules: A living character that imbibes a dose of Sambertine gains 1d3+1 to their STR attribute for two hours. That character also loses 1d3 points of PER and PRW for the duration of the dose.

Any character using Sambertine must make a Willpower roll against target number 16 immediately after the drug’s effects expire. If the character succeeds, there is no effect. If the character fails he becomes addicted to the drug and must dose a number of times per day equal to his Willpower score divided by two or immediately loses one point of PER and PRW.

A character regains lost PER and PRW at a rate of 1 point every 72 hours he is separated from the drug. The character only begins to regain PER and PRW points after he has been separated from the drug for a full 72 hours.


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