Iron Kingdoms - Legends of The White Company

Episode Two - Vote Mosley! Vote Ratcliff!

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The members of the White Company, in an effort to put distance between themselves and any pursuers from Fort Whiterock, traveled north along the coast from Ramarck. Aside from a few fishing villages, the mercenaries encountered little in the way of human civilization. The coast of the Westshore duchy was rocky, unforgiving and difficult to travel. Even worse than the environmental hazards, the area was plagued by Cryxian pirates known to steal people as often as they took money or trade goods. Those poor souls that weren’t found lifeless on a beach were never heard from again. The stories of the pirate raids were enough to make even the Cygnaran navy scarce in the region.

After unloading the pair of extra steamships they had captured from Boggs’s river pirates in one of the small villages, the group continued north. Days of travel later, the White Company approached New Larkholm, a port city on Cygnar’s northern shore.

The day drew to a close as only the top half of a distant sun shone above the horizon. The chugging on the paddle wheel offered a nearly-comforting background noise to the otherwise still dusk. Around the next point stood New Larkholm, the Gateway to the Sea. The city itself was famous for many reasons, but none more memorable than its Mercarian League presence and awe-inspiring hill fortress. Of course, few Cygnaran citizens could forget the reason why its powerful and pervasive hill fortress had been built – New Larkholm had been completely sacked and rebuilt no less than two times.

The steamship sneaked around the point then, revealing the hill fortress in the distance. Even from so far, the members of the White Company had to marvel at the edifice’s size and obvious integrity. However, the fortress did not hold their attentions long. A billowing plume of smoke streaked into the air. The column of choking vapor was growing taller by the second and all that observed it couldn’t help but notice the flickering light of flames at its base. It appeared New Larkholm’s docks were afire. Perhaps the city wasn’t as secure as it was perceived to be. Regardless, every member of the Company knew that where there was conflict, there was coin to be made off it.

Important Events Summary:

  • The members of the White Company arrived on the docks of New Larkholm to see a Mercarian League ship on fire. Thale spotted an unusual pair of men watching them from the shore but before they could be encountered, the two men fled.
  • The White Company dispatched a large group of saboteurs wielding potent grenades.
  • Captain Karl Yuvstrom of the Mercarian League entertained the White Company in his personal villa, offering them 500 gc if they could identify and eliminate the source of the saboteurs’ mechanikal and alchemical weapons.
  • The White Company discovered a pair of warehouses in a laborers district that were storing and moving supplies for Mosley’s saboteurs.
  • Company members engaged the “insurgents” in the warehouse, dispatching a Nomad heavy warjack and several heavily armored mace-wielding zealots before rounding up the source of the mechanikal and alchemical creations – a Rhul calling himself Cricket.
  • Keeping with the tradition of taking what was not theirs, the members of the White Company pilfered many items from the cache of mechanikal and alchemical goods stored in the warehouses before turning the building over to Commander Ratcliff and his Mercarian allies (Yuvstrom).

Post-game Resolution:

The air in Captain Yuvstrom’s villa was cool despite the summer heat outdoors. The man sat in a plush chair opposite the members of the White Company, his one hand holding an aromatic cigar, the other cradling a full glass of spiced Cygnaran wine.

“You did well,” Yuvstrom said between a sly smile. “With Cricket in custody, and apparently willing to up his production for the Mercarian League, we’ve forgotten his breach of contract – for now. Mosley and his rag-tag band of extremists will be reeling for months to come. Hopefully in that time the League will be able to convince the Earl that we’re on the side of Cygnar, for what benefits our customers benefits us all.” Yuvstrom stood, still grinning, “In the future, if you’re in New Larkholm, there could be work to be had. The Mercarian League rewards competence. Before I part your company today, because we’re friends, I feel it’s important to tell you that while you were working, a pair of men came calling upon me inquiring about the White Company. One man was an older gentlemen with a Khadoran accent, the other a true bear that never uttered a word. The older man was quite polite, even when I denied knowledge of your Company or past employment. I hope you all appreciate my discretion. Good day.”

Yuvstrom left the room then. Shortly thereafter a pair of servants came to escort the Company to an exit, politely offering one of the Captain’s carriages for transport through the city.



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